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  2. There are a million different cultures in the world and even more subcultures inside of those. I'ts impossible to not "appropriate" things from different cultures. As people move around and travel they learn and experience different thing from different cultures, the whole thing is unavoidable unless you want us all in tiny windowless rooms so that we never make contact with other people. We need to look at this whole thing as people accepting each other and not being rude to each other



    Learning is not appropriation, though. Medieval Europeans purchasing gunpowder from the Ottomans, importing printing presses from China and so on is not appropriation.

    Cultural appropriation is a result of current racial prejudices. It is the modern symptom of a modern affliction.

    Surely you see that? Surely you see the difference between embracing technology and learning and veiling yourself in ceremonial garb that is not your own and hijacking traditions that don’t belong to you?

    Thing is, on some level they do understand the difference between ‘learning,’ trade, and actual examples of appropriation. They just pretend to be confused as to the difference so they can continue justifying their harmful actions and stay guilt-free. 

    It’s intellectual dishonesty to one of it’s extremes. Self-delusion to avoid guilt.



    Comic Book Meme - Marvel edition: [2/5] Favourite Relationships
    Remy & Rogue

  3. Trying something new

  4. roses and tulips





    Amazing cosplays!

    Our bad-assed collection of amazing cosplays!

    ….HOLD THE FUCK UP!!!!

    Is that first one an Assassins Creed version of Captain Jack Sparrow?????

    Holy shit these are awesome

    Incredible detail, wonderful design, pretty fuckin epic. Cheers! And the Kim Possible one is awesome!

  5. Just saw x-men. What did you think about it?

  6. I joined the X-Men resistance. Create your own at http://x-menmovies.com/x-yourself

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  7. Your cosplay is amazing, dear. I'm curious, which has been your favorite so far?

    Posion Ivy is definatly my favorite so far!